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Results: Victory!

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  Our Team Enemy Team  
Muko2[DLBS]   IS-3 In battle 2 FCM 50(t)   ocenturiono[ENF] Destroyed 0
boehs86[L-C-C]   IS-3 In battle 3 IS-3   Spham Destroyed 0
Nightyfirst   IS-6 In battle 0 IS-3   Vooooo[2ABP] Destroyed 1
neptun111   T32 In battle 1 PzKpfw VIB Tiger II   sas3312[-PSZ-] Destroyed 1
Alchas[2NDLT]   T34  In battle 2 T32   jmansikk[ARM] Destroyed 0
Knurr0r Steel Wall,Confederate T34  In battle 0 T34    badmeester Destroyed 0
oko1979[40_1]   T26E4 SuperPershing In battle 1 T-44   AegnorCZ[D-L] Destroyed 0
Busterbilly66   SU-152 In battle 1 T26E4 SuperPershing   Zabren[EES4] Destroyed 0
audax333[P0T] Scout,Patrol Duty T71 In battle 3 Type 59   Labskausmitei Destroyed 0
Blind_Guardian74[-509-]   Hummel In battle 0 Black Prince   seaus[TMB] Destroyed 1
Walekh[G-S-T]   KV-5 Destroyed 1 PzKpfw VI Tiger   DonNorbi1986[1BPKP] Destroyed 1
Kulina[IBG]   T32 Destroyed 0 T20   hogr1 Destroyed 0
ziutek1963   KV-3 Destroyed 0 T71   dakota1968 Destroyed 1
Djgrujcic   PzKpfw VI Tiger Destroyed 1 Hummel   smiley3000[SPGW] Destroyed 0
sinidjukic[DCDM]   T-50 Destroyed 0 A-20   zitzi[DBFDW] Destroyed 0

Personal Achievements

Destroyed Damaged Detected
sas3312[-PSZ-] (PzKpfw VIB Tiger II) Zabren[EES4] (T26E4 SuperPershing) AegnorCZ[D-L] (T-44)
smiley3000[SPGW] (Hummel)   DonNorbi1986[1BPKP] (PzKpfw VI Tiger)
badmeester (T34 )   sas3312[-PSZ-] (PzKpfw VIB Tiger II)
    dakota1968 (T71)
    Labskausmitei (Type 59)
    zitzi[DBFDW] (A-20)
    ocenturiono[ENF] (FCM 50(t))
    Vooooo[2ABP] (IS-3)
    hogr1 (T20)
    Zabren[EES4] (T26E4 SuperPershing)
    jmansikk[ARM] (T32)
    seaus[TMB] (Black Prince)
    badmeester (T34 )
    Spham (IS-3)
Shots: 13 Hit the target: 9 damaged 817XP from XP Hits received: 2 on 688XP from XP
Base captured: 0% Base defense: 0%  


Experience (x2): 4 064
    Credits: 85 332
Medals: Scout, Patrol Duty   Repairs: 5 573